At WellAdvised, we work on an hourly-fee basis, where we track and bill all of the time we spend working with you, and then invoice you for the time spent.

Our current rates are:

Anton – $330 per hour
Jared – $220 per hour

Our hourly fee includes all of the time we spend on financial planning sessions, phone calls and emails, as well as any preparation time, follow-up work or internal work that we need to do to provide you with the best possible advice.

For some services, however, (like superannuation, investment or insurance advice) we are happy to provide a fixed-fee quote – please ask us for more details.

For personal advice prepared for superannuation, investments, and insurances we have a schedule of fees for service components. Find out more from our Financial Services and Fees Guide.

Importantly, we don’t accept or receive any commissions, kick-backs or payments from any financial products or third parties! We’re 100% independent.

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