WellAdvised is a Tasmanian-based financial advice practice that provides the advice you need to secure your financial future – and achieve the things that are most important to you and your family.



Independent Financial Adviser

Bachelor of Economics (BEc), Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning (FINSIA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Launching the business in 2011, Anton is the Founder and Principal and Senior Financial Adviser at WellAdvised, and has over a decade’s experience as a Financial Adviser.

Anton specialises in:

  • business financial planning, including tax planning and
  • property investment strategy and support
  • strategic planning and advice in complex life, business and
    financial circumstances.

As an independent adviser, Anton’s passion is to help people to be financially successful and to do well – in business and in life.

His own inspiration for being in business and working with people stems from his father, Andre – from whom he learned important principles about money, business and investment, and who instilled in Anton a strong desire to help others achieve their goals.

Anton says that “…wisdom is the key to helping people to do well,” and applies this principle – and his passion for helping people – to his work with all of his WellAdvised clients.

Working closely with you to develop the structure and strategies you need to help you succeed in business, achieve a healthy financial position and reach your personal and financial goals, Anton’s experienced and thorough approach to financial planning will guide you firmly towards financial success.

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